Kakashi x Sakura Forbidden Love

Kakashi x Sakura Forbidden Love

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Lesly ❤ By PrincessChica1 Updated Dec 05, 2017

Sakura has everything: a boyfriend, best friends, wealthy parents, and outstanding grades. On the first day of her Junior year, she gets a hot new teacher named Kakashi Hatake. For some reason, she can't take her eyes off him, and he can't take his off her. After a while, they start hanging out in secret, even though they're many years apart. 

Until they eventually fall in love. 

What will happen to this couple? Will they be able to be together even though its a forbidden love?
Note: Since I love NaruHina, I added some of that as well ❤ Enjoy!

  • cheating
  • drama
  • hinata
  • jealousy
  • kakasaku
  • kakashi
  • love
  • naruhina
  • naruto
  • rin
  • saiino
  • sakura
  • sasuke
RedStrom RedStrom Sep 04, 2017
Anko teaching Culinary?!! Oh god... Hope she teach something useful instant of talking about dango...
animu_shipsx animu_shipsx Sep 16, 2017
Crap he must have a better hiding spot to hide his pervy paradise books
FukanzenlPafekuto FukanzenlPafekuto Sep 01, 2017
Breenie731 Breenie731 Jul 15, 2017
Why are you listening to KARIN?! If you listen to her so much then go be HER boyfriend
EpicInsanity9 EpicInsanity9 Apr 22, 2017
Vibe? You mean spark? Or glimmer? Vibe is a mood, Sakura and Kakashi. Dumbasses, the both of them.
MinRizume MinRizume Jul 18, 2017
I know I hate Sasuke and all, but, this is just too sweet to hate...