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R.K. CLOSE By RKClose Completed

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She knows what hides in the shadows...and now they know about her...

I could go for a man with bite, and I don't mind a little danger. But when I'm working a routine PI case and meet the seductive and mysterious Adam, it doesn't take me long to realize he may be way more bite than I can handle. 

I've just learned vampires aren't only scary stories told in the dark of night. Adam is the real deal. And, if having one immortal after my heart weren't enough to convince me, there's another one after my blood. 

A serial killer with an appetite for young blondes is on the loose in Phoenix, and it looks like he's added me to the menu. I'm a pawn in a game played by beautiful monsters, and one wrong move could mean "game over" for me. 

Adam might be the only one who can save me, or he might be the wildest-and deadliest-mistake I've ever made.
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Red Night was a Wattpad Featured story between 6/2015-12/2015 (removed for publishing!)
Red Moon, the second book in the Vampire Files Trilogy has also been published 12/2016

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GabbyColvez GabbyColvez Apr 08
Congratulations on getting this published. It's really great. I love vampire novels. Can't wait to read more. Keep writing. ✍📒📚
sweetlover48 sweetlover48 Jul 25, 2016
never knew this story existed lol.. wanting to read this asap
agcor85 agcor85 Jan 04, 2016
Congratulations :D I so hope you can be successful! You so well deserve it :D
LeighWStuart LeighWStuart Jan 04, 2016
Dropping in to say congrats on the publishing deal! Also, there is a ? mark missing on sentence Who can Sam trust, etc. Typo in the quote from Adam - in ever way possible ---> in every way (which sounds terribly delicious!). :-)
RobertHelliger RobertHelliger Jan 04, 2016
Love the new book cover. Congrats on getting Red Night 1 published.
krstnkng krstnkng Dec 29, 2015
I haven't even read it but I'm already at #TeamAdam lawls 😂