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Konoha's Light

Konoha's Light

110K Reads 3.9K Votes 17 Part Story
Luna Kurata By Dragongi49 Completed

Lucy is a new ninja on team 7. Although she doesn't look it, she knows everything about everything. The thing is, she is secretive and hides everything about her from everyone, even her lazy friend. But what happens when she is forced to show her strength in order to save a friend? All her secrets spill out and they see that their clumsy friend is more then she seems. Who is Lucy Suzuma?

Narwhals narwhals 
                              Swimming in the ocean
                              Causing a commotion 
                              Cause they are so awesome 🎼🎤
*Walks into Ichiraku's with a giant shuriken in his back and blood pouring out of the wound like Niagra falls* 
                              Random person: Woah dude we need to get you to 
                                 the hospital!!
                              Iruka: HAHAHA I'm fine 'tis but a flesh wound.
                              Random Person: but...
Pretty_Pale_Potatoe Pretty_Pale_Potatoe Oct 06, 2016
He just wants Irukas booty butt he can't have it cus he isn't a copy cat
451775e 451775e Feb 11
No one in Konoha can beat Naruto and Choji in Ramen eating contest.
you dont be adhd, you have adhd. its considered offensive- i have it, and im just letting u know fyi. i dont care but some poeple do.
451775e 451775e Feb 11
Shove Naruto, Choji, Luffy, Natsu, and other anime characters who eat as much as those 4 and have a food contest.