Math Pro Language

Math Pro Language

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Arithmetic Operators: + - * / ^

Relational Operators: < > <= >= = != 

Special Characters:

Caracter Description 

[ ] Brackets are used with vectors and matrices. 

{ } Curly braces are used with Conditionally execute statements (if).  

( ) Parentheses are used to indicate precedence in arithmetic expressions in the usual way. They are used to enclose arguments of functions in the usual way.  

= Used in assignment of variables and functions. 

    Example: x=2, y=x+5, f(x)=x**2+x

 Used together with (<) for strings assignment.

    Example: str=<mathpro> 

 Used together with (:) to display the values of variables, functions, and strings.

    Example: x:=2, y:=7, f(2):=6,  str:=mathpro 

; Semicolon. Used to separate statements in multistatement lines. You can have more than one statement on a single line by separating each statement with semicolons.  

, Comma used inside brackets . 

. Decimal point. 314/100, 3.14, and .314e1 are all ...