Bad Girls Don't Cry[ON HOLD]

Bad Girls Don't Cry[ON HOLD]

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HIATUS By GalacticUsername_ Updated Apr 05, 2016

Ashlyn Brown has not only changed her appearance, but also her attitude. Now, don't think she's all prissy and proper with her elbows not on the table, she's back and badder than ever.

After her brutal break up with Blake Anderson, (that surely left another scar) she promised herself that she would never fall in love with anybody again.

It sounded like a good idea to Ashlyn at first, but that plan instantly slipped out of her mind when a certain person comes back in the picture.

But who knew that Ashlyn had another trick up her sleeve?

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xautumnxo xautumnxo Sep 19, 2017
if this doesn't describe my bestfriends and me, I don't know what does
TheLatteFamily TheLatteFamily Aug 17, 2017
The grinch! Omg, what is he doing in college? Isn't he supposed to be stealing Christmas or something?
Miss__Tris Miss__Tris Apr 08, 2016
Isnt there a law where if your teacher is 15 mins late you can leave class and not get in trouble? Sometin like that i think
MayoJW MayoJW Sep 06, 2015
Oh wow! The first time i read it I thought it said "since half our class is wasted" (drunk) not "since half our class TIME is wasted" xD I almost fell of my seat
daaiiisy daaiiisy Jul 27, 2015
OHMAGHHH ITS BLAKE. (Sorry, I'm an active commenter. Oh and loved the first book.) :)
In England, you can leave class if the teacher doesn’t turn up in 15-20 minutes you can just walk right out