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Pen Your Pride
Bill Cipher X Reader:Prisoner

Bill Cipher X Reader:Prisoner

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F0xywriter By F0xywriter Updated Sep 09, 2015

Your mother decided to change her life style. She made the whole family move to that weird town in the middle of no where called Gravity Falls. Even though you were unconfortable with her choices at first, you soon adapted to your new life and actually found happiness in the process!

But one day, after your mother asked you a favor, you did the stupidest thing you've done in your entire life, causing you to meet him.

This story will be about you trying to get out of this nightmarish situation you put yourself in, while still trying to do what's best for the town, your family and yourself.

Will you succeed or will you do another huge mistake?

Read to find out! :)


Author's note:

There are a LOT of mistakes and I COMPLETELY apologize for that. If you see any mistakes, please tell me so I can correct them and/or make sure I never do them again. Also, I know it is cheesy at first, but I promise the story will get more depth as it goes on. Hope you enjoy! :)

Bill Cipher and pretty much all the other characters in the story, excepted for your family and some crush you will have, belong to Gravity Falls wich belongs to Alex Hirsch.

(P.S: I made the picture on the cover. :3 )

Thanks for reading!

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germain-jynx germain-jynx Aug 09, 2017
Take off the ugly and just call me a flannel-wearing queer folk and you've got that part down
germain-jynx germain-jynx Aug 09, 2017
So you want to say that you're married to a flannel-wearing queer folk who has no idea what the héll they are
LovetaleFrisk LovetaleFrisk Jun 04, 2017
o    - o so umm am i married? i would like to marry my boyfriend and not you mr cipher... can we get a divorce?
psychowerewolf psychowerewolf Jan 30, 2017
*currently trying not to do a foxy scree since I'm on a bus*
Flint25 Flint25 Feb 25, 2016
Darn it Bill! Now each time I try to eat Nacho Cheese Doritos you become a chip! I HAD TO RESORT TO COOL RANCH!
HalfMoonProductions HalfMoonProductions Feb 20, 2017
Oh, and I'm under aged, and according to law, you will be arrested for being a pedophile.