50 shades of raura//ON HOLD FOR NOW

50 shades of raura//ON HOLD FOR NOW

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TBT By hashtagraura Updated Jul 18, 2016

I was sitting in the waiting room. Everyone was wearig pencil skirts and everything was grey. I came for a job interview, not to blind my eyes. Then i heard my name.

"Laura marano? Mr.lynch is waiting for you in his office", she said with a smile.

This is the original '50 shades of raura fanfic' if you get inspired to write one, please give credit this one just has a twist ;)

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skysky768 skysky768 Oct 06
You met her a day ago...WHAT IS A LONG TIME TO YOU? 20 minutes???!
lxndr_aa lxndr_aa Feb 17, 2016
Remember..DONT..FALL..INLOVE!! We are proud RAURA shippers and hopefully that won't change😃
                              But he is reaaaallly hot😍😍😍😍
personunlikeyou personunlikeyou Aug 19, 2016
Nigguh.... We just met, like damn. Unless we met before in my dreams. Calm your balls. Ughh *fixes clothes and presses the elevator button down and walks out, leaving Mr. Horny pants*
personunlikeyou personunlikeyou Aug 19, 2016
Love!!!! He spoke the word!!! They're married and they have 10 kids together. I have spoken their future. You're welcome
inyia_marie inyia_marie Mar 13, 2016
You ain't seen one direction then
                              Let me stop just ignore me😂😂😂
laurasgogurtr5 laurasgogurtr5 Mar 20, 2016
fck. The 50 shades of grey movie trailer music just started playing in my head .-.