New Beginning | Teen Wolf

New Beginning | Teen Wolf

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Call me, Miss. E By beyond-reality Updated Oct 16, 2016

Katherine Pierce, she's a curious, funny, sassy and very sarcastic 17 year old who's past is dark as the night.  After her parents died she wanted to start a new life in Beacon Hills. There's when she gets turned into a werewolf and join Derek Hale pack. She tried to be someone new and not her old self for a really short time but we can't hide who we really are forever, right? 


This is fan fiction about Teen Wolf and I'm gonna add Katherine into the plot because I felt she would be an awesome wolf.  When you read Katherine Pierce you probably think; selfish, deadly, bitch but she's not gonna be like that in this story- well a bitch yes but she will care about the people around her, mostly Derek.

JanisRoss JanisRoss Dec 07, 2014
I love it. great detail and long chapters. keep up the great work