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One Direction Preferences

One Direction Preferences

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Elle191987 By Elle191987 Completed

***All made by me. <3 If you steal them, I hope every time you go to make a sandwich, there's only one piece of bread left so you have to use the stale heel of the loaf to complete it. Don't steal my stuff. Message me for permission, kay???***

lynnt21 lynnt21 Jan 05
I was almost expecting him to say, I'll get you another one" lol
AlexisGenareo AlexisGenareo Dec 30, 2015
Everyone on here is talking about the chocolate, but I'm dying because of the chia pet 😂😂😂😂
clarkegriffindor clarkegriffindor Apr 29, 2015
why would somebody ever gift their girlfriend scorpion! I get it its chocolate covered but scorpion seriously Lou?