Catching Chester

Catching Chester

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Morgan Phillups By MorganPhillups Updated Sep 27, 2016

My grandmother died and left the family fortune to me. No one else. Just me, her favorite grand-daughter.

Yeah. That ruffled some feathers, which I would be fine with, if only it hadn't painted a target the size of Texas Road House on my back. Until my next birthday, if I "accidentaly" die for any reason, the fortune will be divided equeally between all of the relatives that got stuck with a big fat nothing.

So yeah, they are all trying to kill me. I mean, who wouldn't? They've got billions of reasons to see me croak.

I've got nowhere to go, and I can't trust any one I used to know. There is this guy that I think can help me out, Chester, but we don't exactly get off on the right foot when we meet. He's incredibly connected and has agreed to help keep me alive, for a fee. He's so incredibly guarded and secretive that I just want to crack him open and see what's inside that stiff suit of his.

So anyway, the goal is to keep me alive for the next three months.

I think I'm kind of more than he'd bargained for, but we'll see.

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Stickylikeglue Stickylikeglue Mar 10, 2017
Chester should be like "Why thank you! You're such a kind person!"
RayField RayField Nov 28, 2015
You, my dear, are an AMAZING writer and I can't wait to read the rest already!!!!!
KatherinaBillups KatherinaBillups Nov 28, 2015
Your writing is exciting, so full of humor, always wanting more. Chester is a cool character.  I can't wait for more.
KatherinaBillups KatherinaBillups Nov 26, 2015
Boy does that plot hit home from my past as a reality.  I look forward to lots of adventure and colored with the most exciting descriptions as all your writing provides.  A perfect Thanksgiving read to start.
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
Adding this to my list for sure! Your writing is sublime. There is both tension and suspense. Action scenes were well written.
AshleyWilliams732 AshleyWilliams732 Jun 03, 2015
I would have to bite my lips in order to stop myself from laughing