The Mute Girl.

The Mute Girl.

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Ava Faye is a 17 year old girl. After a bad experience when she is 16 she stops talking, her parents haven't heard her talk in a year. They worry if they keep her in the same town she will never talk again. So they move her far away, to a small town in North Dakota. 

Mike Faye, Ava's twin brother is concerned about his sister. She wouldn't tell anyone what happened to her. Mike found his sister crying on night. He also noticed a tattoo on her neck. The tattoo said Dylan King. Who is he? He asks her about the tattoo but she refused to talk.

Dylan King, is the Third in Command of a pack called The Moonlight Pack. He lost his mate to a battle of cancer. Then he stumbled upon Ava one night while she was jogging, she looked so beautiful he had to claim her. Now he won't let her go. What does he do when she moves?

Jake Byrne. Soon to be alpha of the strongest pack in the world. He's a player who doesn't want his mate. So what does he do when Ava's family moves to town?

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  • jealousy
  • kidnapped
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  • mute
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3Apricity 3Apricity Jul 29, 2017
What about the tattoo. Can't they look at it and see? And she lost her memory? When? What about the mate bond? I'm so confused
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forevercrazy102 forevercrazy102 Mar 08, 2016
Im so happy todays my brothers birthday cuz we dont have to go to school what im upsat abput is that i had to go to school on my birthday 😔
RipOffSkrillex RipOffSkrillex Jul 09, 2016
I wanna lunch them all I'm the face please tell me I have permission to do so
Algorithme Algorithme Apr 11, 2016
She was his daughter 5 minutes ago, his girlfriend 2 minutes ago and now his wife... This guy knows what he wants!
Destiny1514 Destiny1514 Jul 03, 2016
The really don't protect their territory good enough and Jake his mate. I mean after rouges being on your land you set up patrol not sit and play video games with your mates brother