My first kiss (Jeff the killer x reader)

My first kiss (Jeff the killer x reader)

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(Y/n) = your name 
(Y/t) = your town

Hi I'm (y/n), just an average 16 year old, on my last year of school, kinda glad actually, schools boring, but anyways I love an ordinary life in the ordinary town of (y/t)... Until some strange things start to happen.....


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RnetsirK RnetsirK Jun 05, 2017
Lol it is a Monday morning, but it's summertime soooo... I'm good we're on break
CodyFire6 CodyFire6 Aug 26, 2016
It's great, but i hate the way the dialogue is type. It's confusing.
AnimeAngel0 AnimeAngel0 Mar 26, 2016
Omg...are you English cause I never see the word secondary in stories!!!!
springtrapxreaderfan springtrapxreaderfan Feb 24, 2017
Take away the e & s from Shanesia then you will spell my sister's(from my dad's side of the family) name, Shania,
Syslewis Syslewis Apr 27, 2016
I wish Monday was a person, then I could slap them with my books
PunkRoxy6669 PunkRoxy6669 Mar 02, 2016
I was trying to keep my laughter in from the first few sentences in the middle of a math class lesson