Sweeter than Honey (OHSHC-Honey)

Sweeter than Honey (OHSHC-Honey)

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Aurore Sky has been an orphan since a young age, being alone was all she knew. After being pushed into a man one day, she is whisked away to Japan. A couple years later she meant her new brother, started a school for the first time in years and even meets the Host Club.

The Hosts don't know what to think when this Dessert loving girl makes a dramatic entrance. Even more, the Lolita of the Club doesn't know what to think when he gets to know her more. All that can be said the Hosts better be prepared for a wild ride filled with exaggerations, a fight between siblings, and blooming love.

To think it all started with a girl that's sweeter than honey.

Rae-666 Rae-666 Jul 14
Me: *again falls off chair*
                              Brother: Stop falling off the chair!
                              Me: I'm sorry, but I'm cringing...
Rae-666 Rae-666 Jul 14
Me: *coughing to death*
                              Brother: ?!?!!??!!?
                              Me: *sits back up in chair head banging my table*
                              Brother: ????????
                              Me: *does thumbs up in the air* I'm good...
Aww, how sweet of him to do. Such a good brother. ☺️☺️☺️
Ai? As in aye? As in aye sir!? As in Happy the blue cat?!!!!!
Blond haired blue eyed babies *merajaine stated when she looked at her babies*