Valley of the Dead

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CrissyLoveBug By CrissyLoveBug Updated 4 years ago
Cris and her friends are on a mission. To rid the world of Zombies. After the outbreak of a serious infecton that killed millions, suddenly the dead began to reanimate... And attack others. Cris, with the help of her companions, are seeking to rid the world of those made Zombie, or find a way to cure them, before they are the last humans standing.
hey its me Adrian i read it agoin now i agree with you i like the way you wrote it. And how long do you think it will take for you to finish it?
sweet, we should also find a shota and he can become my adopted son!        <.>W <.>   <----- Thats muh creeper face XD
Cool! Ishaiah is so funny, I decided that I want my wepon to be a katana!
You know, it's actually a pretty cool prologue. Because we all talk like this in our lives at some point. This just have a 90s movies vibe about it, it's was cool...perfect word to describe
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