Probinsyana [Proven Sya Na] (GirlxGirl) - Completed

Probinsyana [Proven Sya Na] (GirlxGirl) - Completed

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Mayumi "Yumi" Tan was having a hard time accepting the Province Girl, Danica "Dani" Lopez whose also attending in a prestigious and for rich boy/girl boarding school, Victoria Boarding School. She doesn't like the idea that a merely poor girl like Dani, will have to attend a prestigious and elegant school like VBS. 

Much more hatred flare up when the girl easily adjusted to the students and surroundings of VBS. Everybody adores her, even the teachers because as they've said she's very kind and friendly. 

But Yumi don't see her like that. For her, Danica is one of the trying hard bitch who just wants fame through mingling with rich kids. But as an adage says; Don't judge a book by its cover, judge it by its content.

How far Yumi's hatred will go? 


A gxg story. Written in Filipino. Keep the love y'all, not the hate... Please share, vote and comment? Yeah. Thanks! :)

Book 1 of Victoria Boarding School Series.

-cz xx ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

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G2BAmbrosia907 G2BAmbrosia907 Jun 22, 2017
Wow , umpisa palang maganda na excited ako sa mga susunod na kabanata 🤗
Pinkletwink Pinkletwink Feb 28, 2016
her uniform reminds me of the ones in the movie 'lost and delirious'. Have u watch it? lesbian love story din kasi yun and super ganda
PKStrangerS PKStrangerS Nov 30, 2016
YujeanTan YujeanTan May 01, 2016
Haha nice thinking wth the nyms.. Now ko lng dn nlmn. Si ding at darna pla ngkatuloyan.
RemmiBlackfyre RemmiBlackfyre Aug 02, 2015
Always love reading stories w similar set-ups. Cliche pero I just can't stop. ;)
VvvvvvV07 VvvvvvV07 May 28, 2015
Oh em! Nice! Yes! Imma start reading this. ;) kudos to the author.