Please, Sir.

Please, Sir.

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kate ❤ By KatehhCakes Updated Jun 29, 2015

I had arrived at the party a little later than I had intended. People scattered across the front lawn, the front door was wide open - showing more people inside rather than outside. There were even a few on the roof, kicking and throwing cups into the crowd below followed by cackling laughter. 

School was over, for all of us. There was no more classes and teachers we couldn't stand, waking up at 7AM and never finishing assigned homework for the night, before midnight. No more petty drama and no more bullies. I was relieved to say the least. 

I had gone with skinny jeans and a top that had covered my scarred arms but managed to give a good view of my breasts. My hair in a lazy pony tail and sneakers that were more worn out than the students during our exams. I was never popular at school, but I wasn't an outcast - I floated from one group to another but never stayed long enough to become apart of their outer school activities.

"Saph!" A boy had yelled in his drunken state before I wa...

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billskarsfuck billskarsfuck Mar 27, 2017
Oh my god I'm having Sebastian Stan feels right here asdfghjkl
My_Hubris My_Hubris Sep 11, 2016
This is really good! I'd give it a quick once-over and stop using the word assumably, but otherwise I love it. Great characters, and I like how well you know him, her, and the two houses we've seen so far.
Mehaj_Swagger Mehaj_Swagger Nov 17, 2015
This is a good start, I'm hoping and pleading and praying it won't get cliche and yuck. Please don't do that to such a good start. I'm worried! 
                              Ah the life of a reader.
Incency Incency Aug 16, 2015
Crying because next week is my last week until school is back