Itachi's child and Sasuke's hope [ON HOLD]

Itachi's child and Sasuke's hope [ON HOLD]

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Kalelxcx By Kalelxcx Updated Feb 08, 2015

~~~ Due to medical reasons, I currently cant finish this. Please read anyway becuase my 14 year old self poured in alot of effort into this. I am sorry for slacking, but I thank you for your continued support~~~

(Naruto fan fiction) Is set in shippuden. NOT Naruto but Naruto: shippuden. Hopefully that makes sense.

Will Mikoto be able to save sasuke from his darkness or help him down the path of destruction?

 DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto nor its characters. I only own Mikoto-chan.
watch the anime/manga first if you are confused in anyway (hehe)

NOTE: Most of this was based on my strange dream so some bits might have changed from the orginal story. Please dont hate im only a child.

[ON HOLD: I have lost motivation for writing and I'm sorry to you all but I'm not going to write for a while]

ANNNNNNNYWAY... have fun :)

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