The Dragons Human Mate (Editing)

The Dragons Human Mate (Editing)

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ella_17522 By ella_17522 Updated May 02, 2016

I woke up to the sunshine attacking me through the gaps in the blinds. Groaning, I rolled over and pulled my pillow over my face to help block some of the deadly rays. Not another morning. Suddenly, I could feel cold water splash all over my once warm body soaking through the covers. James!

I jumped up as I could, I can already hear him taking off down the stairs, thundering food steps echoing throughout the house. "You're a coward, James Taten! Face me like a dragon!" I jumped up and forgot the lost cause I once called a blanket ad it flips to the floor. Taking two steps at a time as I descended down the stairs to try and catch up to his long strides. 

"Delilah! You do not run through my house, especially tracking water everywhere and yelling like a wild child," my mother scolded and held up her spoon as a threat. Moms. How my dad stands her, I don't know. 

"Mom! James came into my room-"

"You had a boy in your room?!" 

"No, I mean, yes. But-"

"Yes?! I don't want to hear it. You...

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