The Dragons Human Mate.

The Dragons Human Mate.

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ella_17522 By ella_17522 Updated May 02

First lets get things strait. Im not a actual mother of dragons. But the dragons act like I am. I didnt choose this. But who really chooses fate? Many people are afraid of me. I can kinda guess why though. Dragons are always possesive and very protective. I feel like i can trust them. I know their real leader must be out there. Ive wanted to meet him before. All dragons have a human form but some choose not to use it. Well most don't. James is a big dragon. He is also my best friend.

He stays in his human form mostly. He goes to school and other things like that with me. He says one day he wants me to meet the 'leader'.

On my 18th birth day. He said that will be his gift. He was the leaders second in comand. 

It was bright outside. One more week til my birth day. I sat down on a rock as a smaller dragon crawled on my lap falling more week. I really wonder how its going to go.

"Delilah! Its time for dinner!" my mother called for me. She is the only one who understands. ...

gemz31 gemz31 Feb 03
Looks like a good story. Jus 1 thing missing:synopsis. I almost didn't give it a chance
Hazzy-Fuzzy Hazzy-Fuzzy Apr 10
Mother of dragons...
                              I already like this book
                              *Dany is Queen*
LehElla LehElla Feb 25
Hehe, just so happens that these are one of my favorite stories and we have that same name 😊
GoldenLight_ GoldenLight_ Dec 27, 2015
I like your story, but the chapter too short. But still, i like it
boysOvaflower boysOvaflower Nov 21, 2015
the only reason I'm reading this book is because it's different(uniqe) from the other books, n also because  the description got me hooked
RavenRedSoul RavenRedSoul Oct 03, 2015
Hey we are all human of course we are going to make spelling mistakes, I do all the time :)