The Dragons Human Mate (Editing)

The Dragons Human Mate (Editing)

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ella_17522 By ella_17522 Updated May 02, 2016

I woke up to the sunshine attacking me through the gaps in the blinds. Groaning, I rolled over and pulled my pillow over my face. Not another morning. Suddenly I could feel cold water splash all over my once warm body. James!

I jumped up as I could already her him taking off running down the stairs. "You coward! Face me like a dragon!" I was taking two steps at a time to try and catch up to his long strides. 

"Delilah! You do not run through my house, especially tracking water everywhere and yelling like a wild child," my mother scolded and help up her spoon as a threat. How my dad stands her, I don't know. 

"Mom! James came into my room-"

"You had a boy in your room?!" 

"No, I mean, yes. But-"

"Yes?! I don't want to hear it. You are being disrespectful in front of our guest and your ruining the new floors."

Glaring at James I slowly made my way back upstairs already planning my revenge. Anyways, my name is Delilah, I'm 17 years old and the doofas with the cold water is named Ja...

gemz31 gemz31 Feb 03, 2016
Looks like a good story. Jus 1 thing missing:synopsis. I almost didn't give it a chance
Hazzy-Fuzzy Hazzy-Fuzzy Apr 10, 2016
Mother of dragons...
                              I already like this book
                              *Dany is Queen*
LehElla LehElla Feb 25, 2016
Hehe, just so happens that these are one of my favorite stories and we have that same name 😊
GoldenLight_ GoldenLight_ Dec 27, 2015
I like your story, but the chapter too short. But still, i like it
boysOvaflower boysOvaflower Nov 21, 2015
the only reason I'm reading this book is because it's different(uniqe) from the other books, n also because  the description got me hooked
RavenRedSoul RavenRedSoul Oct 03, 2015
Hey we are all human of course we are going to make spelling mistakes, I do all the time :)