The Dragon Slayer's Love (Natsu x Reader)

The Dragon Slayer's Love (Natsu x Reader)

87.5K Reads 2.8K Votes 12 Part Story
Brooklyn Howard By Brookie-Chan Completed

You just woke up and everything seems different. All the dragons have gone missing so you start exploring for them.

You soon approach a town, within it, you make new friends and find your mate?!?!

Fairy Tail itself belongs to Hiro Mashima.

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Flame-Brain Flame-Brain Jul 10, 2017
Now every time I see the word magnolia I think of the song.... fück!
The_Karma_Angel The_Karma_Angel Jun 25, 2017
Uhhhhhh...... That kinda my name........ Ummmmmm....... Imma just call her like Insane instead..... Ummm.... Yea.......
xXLoveYourselfGirlXx xXLoveYourselfGirlXx May 30, 2017
I would be like: "hey can you tell me where this place is? Thanks, see ya!"
Whip_Me_Sebby Whip_Me_Sebby Nov 09, 2016
I feel bad for the reader that wants to be called Kelly in the story 😂😂😂
wolfgamergirl2101 wolfgamergirl2101 Oct 30, 2016
Okay why would there be two buildings which also means two FairyTails so yeah I think that is it😒
otaku627 otaku627 Apr 05, 2015
Your POV is first person POV not second person like you are doing. Sorry it was just really bugging me cause u did it with Natsu and not with the reader and I go to a really advanced school and yeah it really bugged me