The Curse Of Power

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Sereena By Sereena1246 Updated 8 months ago
This is the Normal Life of Brianna Waters and Dimitrius Wetmore. Age 15 was the year, or people say, but they didn't know that and they didn't expect what they have to go through to surive this year. they look the same, act the same, but never really though they were twins until the first day of school of their 15th year. kidnapped by their so called mother and transported to a home where other teens live. They knew they were different, but they didn't know that the place they are staying at is way to dangerous for their physche abilities. Brianna Waters already have her twin fall in love with her but, when she meets Austin and finds out that they're Soulmates. Things became even more complicated. Escaping was easy, but the hard part is finding who is who when you could be facing your enemy without even knowing. Can Brianna see the difference in true friendship or will her choice put everyone in danger?
My first thought readfaing this is it's a good Idea, but it needs some editing. Not so much grammer mistakes as plain writing. But I am enjoying the plot so far and the characters that have been introduced are nice.