Iron Heart (Gajeel x Reader)

Iron Heart (Gajeel x Reader)

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XxxDark_DragonxxX By XxxDark_DragonxxX Updated Feb 08, 2016

(Y/n) grew up like any normal child in a normal house with a normal family. Her parents could see a bright future for her sadly things don't ever go the way you plan them.  At the age of five (Y/n) was forcefully taken from her family. From that point on her life was full of misery and pain. Having lost all hope she was prepared to live that way forever but life is just full of  surprises. After 13 years of torture she is finally able to be free. On her way to freedom she bumps into Gajeel who slowly turns out to be her knight in shining steel. Slowly they fall for each other. 


Sorry for the bad description. >.< This story is being fixed and it has slow updates so be prepared! Don't say I didn't warn you.

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I can speak Korean......k-pop has done me something but anime sure hasn't
LIZZIE368 LIZZIE368 Sep 21
Is it weird I actually understand Japanese...? God I watch TOO much anime.....and manga....-_-
The thing is my OC looks like Levy but with longer hair, and pink eyes -.-
ArcticFox__ ArcticFox__ Jul 23
Ummm I have pale skin...
                              BECAUSE IM FUDGING DYING FROM BLOOD LOSS HERE!!!
2 jokes XD
                              1.Yeah, *flips hair* I tried to make my blood go with my eyes
                              2. Yeah, I look good even when I'm dying
Looks like it's time for the weebs who watched the subbed version to shine! 
                              ONWARDS MY COMRADES! LETS READ SOME JAPANESE!