Lucy the Angel Mage.

Lucy the Angel Mage.

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SkyLee By FairyTail-Sama Updated Apr 15, 2017

Lucy trained with the Angels Destiny & Deno. Lucy is the only known Angel Darkness/Light Slayer.
Deno=Darkness (Male)

After Destiny and Denos' sudden disappearance, Lucy travels to Fairy Tail to seek a new family and find out the reason her parents.. Will she find them again?

Angel Slaying magic is the most powerful in all the world and with Lucy having Darkness AND Light makes her multiple times stronger but may also cause a danger towards her.

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I don't know what the D stands for so I'm going to say Lucy Dian (die-an) heart
Michino_Shi_Hinata Michino_Shi_Hinata May 03, 2017
I'm i foreshadowing when I accidentally read that as Lucy Dreyar Heart???
anemosrainbow anemosrainbow Jul 24, 2016
I wonder if he'll ever stop being such a perverted Master......😂😂😂😂 what am I talking about he'll always be that way
Vamp1600 Vamp1600 Jul 05, 2016
*sigh* We all remember THAT magazine.😥 Such a perverted Master
tmshanks tmshanks Jan 19, 2016
I don't know but hearing Laxus say "laters" just made me bust out laughing.😹😹😹😹
feta_cheese feta_cheese Jul 18, 2015
Wait, is he saying that a normal person can enter a magic guild?? SIGN ME UP!