Detention {Harry Styles}

Detention {Harry Styles}

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Judy. By AFanOf1D Completed

This is the story of how Jennie falls in love with her rude, young math teacher, Mr.Styles.

She shouldn't want him, nor does she believe he will want her back, but he will change her life, and make her happy.
And that is all she needs.

Written by @AFanOf1D

xxDestineexx123 xxDestineexx123 2 days ago
DADDY STYLES😍😍😍 💍💍💦💦😭❤️❤️❤️
13Liberty13 13Liberty13 Feb 15
This is everything you need to look like every other girl in the country aka basic
ethebratt ethebratt Dec 11, 2016
hideaway726 hideaway726 Jan 22
You might be Harry styles but you talk to my best friend like that and I'll bitch slap you
You're gonna have to pry the tv remote from my cold, lazy hands bc my ass ain't leaving the couch once that Netflix app loads.
I hope he invited other people, or else he's  gonna be staring at a blank wall. I wouldn't show up to that shît😂😂😚