When I Met You (EXO SuLay FF)

When I Met You (EXO SuLay FF)

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HIATUS AS AUTHOR By eL_Dorada Updated Apr 30, 2017

"There I was an empty piece of a shell
Just mindin' my own world
Without even knowin'
What love and life were all about" - Kim Junmyeon

"Then you came...
You brought me out of the shell
You gave the world to me
And before I knew
There I was so in love with you" - Zhang Yixing

"... You gave me a reason for my being
And I love what I'm feelin'
You gave me a meaning to my life
Yes, I've gone beyond existing
And it all began...

... When I Met You..."

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Xanthe169 Xanthe169 Aug 06, 2017
How has no one noticed that says 'fire' instead of 'fine'? I know it's rude to point it out but I laughed so hard when I saw it.
AnimeLover416 AnimeLover416 Jun 28, 2017
So yixing and luhan were the dancers, Kris played basketball, Xiumin and Chen sang ( hit them high notes) and Tao was racing. EXO-M destroying EXO-K
Seventeen_Panda Seventeen_Panda Jun 21, 2017
So I'm going to guess all the people wrecking talks high score is exo-m So that would mean Chen and xiume most likely beat. The singing score Kris beat Basketball yixing and luhan beat dance
AnimeLover416 AnimeLover416 Jun 28, 2017
Clearly this is kris and he played in the nba of course he's amazing
bygreyoongi bygreyoongi May 12, 2015
tbvh prolouge catched my attention hello dear, i'm lay lol im reading this, just you wait.