My Perfect Symmetry  Death The Kid X Reader

My Perfect Symmetry Death The Kid X Reader

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Ghost Ramen By Mr_Jaeger_Bombastic Updated Dec 01, 2015

You had just started attending the DWMA and you already made a few friends, but there's one that your particularly close to Kid; The son of Lord Death himself, But there are some qualities about you he rather finds adorable.

Kid gets aroused at symmetry
                              New plan: I now ship Kid x Symmtry
Anyone else remember when black*star and soul almost became a gay couple?
I'm laughing then my family just look at me like I was insane
Kid the zebra
                              Patty the giraffe
                              Liz the .. lizard?
                              Maka the bookworm
                              Soul the lion
                              Tsubaki the turtle
                              Black*Star the arrogant dude
I love maka chop I could watch it for hours
                              But I could watch cool kid moments for the whole day
It's 12:00 and everyone is asleep and I'm laughing so hard I really hope I don't wake up anybody