A Year With You (BTS Fanfiction / BTS Fanfic) Taehyung/V

A Year With You (BTS Fanfiction / BTS Fanfic) Taehyung/V

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ArmelleR By ArmelleR Completed

They both come from a weathly family.
Taehyung is popular amount girls but also amount guys for his status.

Soomi... is the contrary of him. She's not a nerd nor a popular, she's just a girl who stay with her friend at college.

But things start to change when their parents decided to marry them. A marriage that neither Soomi or Taehyung want.

They tried to refused the engagement but couldn't so they made a compromise, they had to "date" for a year to know more about each other.

A year where secrets will be revealed, a year that might change their vision of the world.

And at the end of this year, they will have to decide if they want to marry each other.

So how do you think the year will go ? and most of all, what will be their answer ?

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XxshalixX XxshalixX May 01, 2017
If u ever need help on editing in any of you writing u can dm me ( not meant to be rude)
Jung_KOOKIE_63 Jung_KOOKIE_63 Oct 01, 2017
What rhe hell did your crappy mom (in this story i appologize) do jesus christ...
happyhopeu happyhopeu Aug 29, 2017
I'm not sure I can handle all of the grammar mistakes in this fanfic... Ugh
Foreverangel16 Foreverangel16 Mar 24, 2016
You got me hooked up to the story but only two!? Where can I find the rest??