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ifthislovefits By ifthislovefits Updated Apr 24, 2015

Wait for it.

I’m going to give you all the answers.

Unheard of? I know.

But I really have no choice. Not after what A did the first time and not after what we are doing now. 

Never, after what we are doing now.

There are five of us: Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and I. Amelia Heathcote.

The Liars.

Ah, won’t Rosewood ever give the Liars a break? I guess being framed for the murder of Bethany Young answers that question. Threatened by A, the liars decide to comply and leave town for good. Only Amelia won’t let A win so easily. Armed by the guidance that is Alison’s Pre-Death Diary, the girls move from town to town, decoding the trace of locations Alison left behind to reveal the identity of the almighty and controlling A team. But this time, the Liars don’t stop at that. The race to find evidence that supports that they are not guilty of Bethany Young’s death is shared equally with the process of setting up an intricate trap for the A team themselves. Even if the latter involves murder and manipulation to ensure A is the suspect for all the murders they leave behind. Welcome to the Kill Squad. 

That’s if they get that far, of course. Between the lovers of each liar, which include Ezra, Toby, Caleb, Jason and Paige, that have banded up together to get back their other halves by stalking the liars every move and the fact that they have sincerely pissed A enough for him/her to send an assassin cooperation that includes an extremely attractive, charming and breathtakingly poisonous boy sure raises alarm bells.

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SophieWhitty123 SophieWhitty123 Oct 13, 2017
The B Team was sooo good. So I know I'm going to loveeeeeee this one
justbrookie467 justbrookie467 Jan 16, 2016
I love the name of this story. I don't know if u realized this (u likely did) but early in the show there's a scene with Hanna and spencer and control A is a joke it in. It's one of my favorite scenes
oumamef oumamef Feb 13, 2015
hahaa @ifthislovefits  i've just finished the B team anf here j am reading this story my besties :*
basicallyjamiee basicallyjamiee Jan 14, 2015
The suspense is palpable already.  I have a feeling I'm gonna love it 
DreamingAboutWriting DreamingAboutWriting Dec 28, 2014
Oh no. It is going to happen again. I'm going to be addicted to another one of your amazing stories.
British_Hijabi British_Hijabi Nov 25, 2014
wat decision did she make? why does she think herself as a monster? too many questions in my head. I'm so excited for this book