Yes Sir.

Yes Sir.

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Seventeen year old Alissa Jacobson has just started back at school for her final year, faced with the struggles of being a year twelve student she is also fighting her desire for James Mathews, on the surface he was perfect, body and soul, but there was one problem. He is her teacher. Will She ignore her feelings and fight the desire or will she give in? And does he feel the same way?

Funny, awkward and not as cliche as you might think. please do give it a read :)

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*This story contains bad language, errors and a few 'intimate' scenes*

nozzzzzer nozzzzzer Dec 29, 2016
My mind is burning from all the images I get.
                              You don't need Jesus, honey, you need Anna Wintour
MyMumsNamesDad MyMumsNamesDad Dec 15, 2016
Because all the teachers found the hot teacher sexy and that 'sexy' teacher that you seem to have a crush on likes you? If I get it right im treating myself too a subway. *smirks*
katslow katslow Nov 11, 2016
 #rr I don't know why but I am like binge reading all these I already read.
haidynhansen haidynhansen Dec 21, 2016
im just going to pretend shes wearing something else because the second hand embarrassment is real
MyMumsNamesDad MyMumsNamesDad Dec 15, 2016
Grey blazers, black trousers and every year has a different colour tie with my year group being purple. Overall, YUCK. But then again... it could have been worse.
MyMumsNamesDad MyMumsNamesDad Dec 15, 2016
I wanna know bro!! When your a sideman and not used to being one...