Right Next Room

Right Next Room

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A big headed, obnoxious but strangely protective tenant moved into Raina's house and Raina is so not happy with the arrangement. To spice things up even more, her mother is going overseas for a few months. Isn't that just wonderful?

Oil and water do not mix. As expected, things just got whole lot worse after they met each other.

Fighting and quarreling like cats and dogs, that's what they did everyday. But as they fight and insult each other, day by day, something was created too. But then again, things just do not work out this way. Life is not a bed of roses afterall.

What will you actually do when someone you love lied to you and that lie concerns someone important to you...?

Me: *pinches really hard*
                              Raina:ow wtf
                              Me:you said pinch you
                              Raina: WHO ARE YOU
                              Me: I'm me and I have to go now
gingersnap2554 gingersnap2554 Aug 19, 2016 01:34AM
I feel like that would hurt her more than him unless she was wearing shoes😂
The seventh sense NTC U dose anyone under stand what I'm saying... No... Ok I'll sit in the corner
Sorry, but I guess you're OUT OF THE WOODS *out of the woods plays*
god doesnt hate us he loves us , so dont do that whether we are bad or g0od but god still love us
Lina-mcknight Lina-mcknight Aug 25, 2016 11:51PM
Hahah this book is amazing 
                              Love it 
                              But will love to be u right now 
                              O im but im the one who ranted 
                              The room😞😞😞