Right Next Room [Editing-in-progress]

Right Next Room [Editing-in-progress]

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A big-headed, obnoxious but strangely protective tenant just moved into Raina's house and she is so not happy with the arrangement. Oil and water do not mix; things just got whole lot worse after they meet each other.

Fighting and quarrelling like cats and dogs, that's what they did everyday. But little did they know, as they fight and bicker, they started depending on each other more and more.

But life just has a way of playing a fool on you sometimes and fate is just another name for the inescapable and bittersweet dreams.

What will you actually do when someone you love lied to you and that lie concerns someone important to you?

If only...

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My scissors,the thing you pluck your eyebrows with and a hair tie
Crap it's like midnight and I can already tell ima be up till morning reading
Are you really sooo dumb!!?? And HOW big is the house that you can't search for it for a few seconds!?!?
TayTay1134 TayTay1134 Jul 31
Ummmm no my bathroom i right beside my room as far away as possible from the kitchen