The Legion

The Legion

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Megan By BlueJamX Updated Dec 26, 2015

Alex lives a normal everyday, high school girl life. She's sweet and caring, always helping when other are in need and puts others before herself. She never had problems sleeping at night until she finds a thin gold chain in the woods. She can't find it in her to give it up, or take it to a pawn shop, so she keeps it and wears it. Everyday, never taking it off. 

What happens when one day, the new 'family' comes into town, her necklace starts to warm up when one person looks at her, and secrets of who her friends really are, are revealed? 

Chaos, that's what.

YanAii0 YanAii0 Jul 23, 2016
2 CHAINZZZZZ!!!......sorry im just gonna go *slowly backs away*
FanGirling_Is_Hard FanGirling_Is_Hard Oct 04, 2015
I just came out of a BxB story and I read 'Fog' a very bad word.
srrsly srrsly Sep 29, 2015
as soon as I saw Moist I checked the comments to see if anyone would comment . lolol
tweee_ tweee_ Sep 18, 2015
Already sounds amazing! I wish there was a place like this and if there is near me!
Me_For_President_ Me_For_President_ Aug 18, 2015
Gold can't rust, but she probably thought it was rusty because of the dirt.
babyheartme0018 babyheartme0018 Aug 18, 2015
Gold actually can't rust, which is probably why it isn't rusty