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Then There Was You (A markiplier x reader)

Then There Was You (A markiplier x reader)

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V O I D By HeliosGodOfGays Completed

it was sunset as you walked through the streets of California, the summer breeze blew lightly as it messed with your short/long h/c hair. you walk past a coffee shop and smell the scents of pumpkin and chocolate. "hmm.." you sighed in delight as you walked through the doors. you walked up to the desk and ordered a (coffee name here c/n/h) that'll be 2.33" the woman said, you reached into your purse and handed her the money. "have a nice day.." she said with a smile. "you too.." you answered shyly as you started to leave, but someone ran into you causing you to drop your coffee.. "oh my god, I'm so sorry miss.." the mans voice said, you looked up and were welcomed by his chocolate brown eyes

AloisFancy_ AloisFancy_ May 05, 2016
If I met Mark I'd be dying from all my squealing and fangirling XD somebody stop me
Fangirl-galor Fangirl-galor Aug 13, 2016
Hellooooo everyone I'm Sara and I have a room mate named Sarah as well our differences?... She has an h at the end and I don't.!
- - Jul 05, 2016
Wow why didn't I not try this story out before, this is amazing!!
RainbowPuffedAshley RainbowPuffedAshley Sep 28, 2016
when I saw "1967" I was like "W0T"
                              but then I searched the car
                              and holy fk it's hot
_SkyFairie_ _SkyFairie_ Mar 18, 2016
i looked up the car and when i saw it i bursted out laughing (it was not what i exepted) XD
S_Peggy_Luck S_Peggy_Luck Aug 16, 2016
I'm Sarah... and luckily I do have another friend named Sarah irl too XD