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Gay werewolf (boyxboy) Mpreg

Gay werewolf (boyxboy) Mpreg

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peoplechangealways By peoplechangealways Updated Jun 29, 2016

Tyler knew he was gay when he was 10. it all started when he kissed a boy in a truth or dare game. His life has never been easy. His family knows he's gay and their okay with it. What happens when his family moves out in California? will he start a new life happy? what's gonna happen when he starts school? will everything be peaches and roses? or a disaster?

Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Lets just say, that escalated quickly
This went from zero (normal human boy totally not a werewolf ) to 100 (just found out about being a werewolf and having anger management issues ) real quick 
                              WE'RE GOING FAST DOWN THAT ROAD
I feel like that should be a name. Sorta like "Hello. My nice is Kyle DaHell. Nice to meet you" or something like that XD
Wtf who would actually tell their kid that they're are werewolf like 'hey son, we are werewolves and so are you'
BunnieHEars BunnieHEars Aug 04, 2016
"Dad I'm Horny Wtf Do I do?"
                              " Well since your Horny son I have some News, Your a werewolf" 
                              What convenient timing. Not even I was expecting that XD
Fakkuto Fakkuto Nov 13, 2016
I'd stare at his arms, swivel round to face him, sigh and just say "WHY"