One shots R-rated

One shots R-rated

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Elly By Crazyless_Btch Updated Nov 08, 2015

Its already 7:30! Dang it! Im so late for work!

*Phone Rings*

I look at the caller I.D and sht! It's Mr. Arvon my Smexy Hot Boss!

Breath in Breath out!


"Where the fuck are you Melissa?!"

"Sir A-arvon.. Im sorry! Its traffic in here and I oversle--" i reason out but he cut me off

"I dont need your explanation Ms. Russ. Get your ass in here or else your fired." he said with pure authority    

"Y-yes si-" i said but the line went dead!


*Arvon Company*

As I've arrive to the company all the people in there are staring at me with worried expression and pityful stares so i just smile at them and walk straight with my chin held high when the Silicon Bitch in our office Andrea Keen block my way.

"Well well.. Someone is going to get fired today" she said with a smug smile

"Get out of my way Biatch" i said and pushed her aside

"Fuck you bitch!" she said fumming with anger

"I'm sorry but I don't do it with girls" i said walking away leaving a pissed off Silicon Bitc...

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44Bernard 44Bernard Jul 03, 2016
I think a boss treating employees in this manner for everyone to hear is a pig!
Echodstars Echodstars Oct 09, 2015
Is this the way grown ups talk to each other? Ye i think ill say in my room then