Levi Ackerman x reader lemon

Levi Ackerman x reader lemon

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vegan_fangirl By vegan_fangirl Completed

Hi, sorry I haven't really been active, but I'm back and I got a request for a Levi x reader lemon so here you go

All things kawaii (; ̄ェ ̄)

-vegan fangirl (≧∇≦)

NeckPoongy NeckPoongy Jun 26
i saw the word horseface
                              now kristein has the looks of jung hoseok in my mind
brokenjaney brokenjaney May 07
Lol and people ask why I don't mind being short? Its because that means I'm perfect for Levi💖
And the just like that we never got out he just kept us tied on his bed... And They say That To this day she's still tied.....
Quasi_Chart766 Quasi_Chart766 Dec 30, 2016
Lmao.and author, you have your timeline a little mixed up.before Connie and Jean were put in the scout regiment, Marco had already went six feet under.bt then, he was only half the man he used to be.(lmao can't believe I did that)
Honey. Tits. Uhm..what if I'm flatter than Yui?? I HAVE NO BREASTS!!!!!!
Owl156 Owl156 Dec 28, 2016
I can see me getting beat by Erin but Armin..... That's sad no..... It's pitiful