Levi Ackerman x reader lemon

Levi Ackerman x reader lemon

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vegan_fangirl By vegan_fangirl Completed

Hi, sorry I haven't really been active, but I'm back and I got a request for a Levi x reader lemon so here you go

All things kawaii (; ̄ェ ̄)

-vegan fangirl (≧∇≦)

triggerableNerd triggerableNerd Sep 05, 2016
The whispering in my ears makes me want to turn around and slap him.
boopthebunbun boopthebunbun Nov 27, 2016
"-and just got the shït knocked out of me by a gnome"
                              -jean 2016
thedarkerdays__ thedarkerdays__ Aug 19, 2016
That's bringing back memories of a picture I had on my phone once :')
xotonumbthepain xotonumbthepain Sep 26, 2016
Lmao id definitely wake his ass up. But this was pretty good, one of the best I've read tbh c': Levi's so tuuute.
Taiga-Chan_134 Taiga-Chan_134 Dec 30, 2016
Lmao.and author, you have your timeline a little mixed up.before Connie and Jean were put in the scout regiment, Marco had already went six feet under.bt then, he was only half the man he used to be.(lmao can't believe I did that)
TrinityWolfArtist TrinityWolfArtist Dec 03, 2016
Omg it says that I'm 4'11… but I'm only… 4'9. Now I feel extra tiny 😂