Digression//stiles stilinski☾

Digression//stiles stilinski☾

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katie By marveIstilinski Updated May 20, 2016

Sequel to "Evolution" I suggest you read it first to know their relationship but it's not necessary. 

After the events that led up to Kayla's ultimate change, she has a struggle with dealing with her newfound powers. Unfortunately, the near-death experience left her with a bit of a dark side. 

The teens who sacrificed themselves by being under water for 16 hours are now acting strange. Kayla isn't too comfortable with Stiles's newfound actions. Only later do they find that Stiles isn't really Stiles anymore. Afraid, Kayla doesn't know what to do. 

With the difficulty of trying to get her one true anchor back, Kayla finds that she is losing her humanity slowly and at a steady decrease. They only way to get it back is to get Stiles back. 

I do not own any rights to the show or characters created by MTV. I only own characters that I create.

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Lexieloves1D12345 Lexieloves1D12345 Apr 26, 2015
For some reason I can't stand people being killed but animals I can't