Brotherly Love (Puzzleshipping, Yu-Gi-Oh Yoai Fanfic)

Brotherly Love (Puzzleshipping, Yu-Gi-Oh Yoai Fanfic)

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Witch of Hope By PharaohGirl Completed

A soft sob could be heard through the pounding of the rain against Yami's umbrella. He looked in the direction of the cries and saw a small child underneath a Weeping Willow tree with his knees to his chest and his face buried in his hands.

Keep reading to find out what happens next...

Warning: Rated PG for mentions of abuse and rape.

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ArtGuruSauce ArtGuruSauce Jul 26, 2016
Lawd we in for some feels ain't we? I'll prepare my bucket and tissue box.
exyami exyami May 21, 2016
I love that Yami doesn't want to do this! I don't know why those this is an awesome start but could you use less bold?
PolarisReads PolarisReads Apr 22, 2016
Please make more! this is so good! and if you want ideas just ask i have some things on mind! maybe i can inspire you? 👍😉
Geekmaster1001 Geekmaster1001 Feb 07, 2017
Won't hurt you....... Shipping........ Well you will not hurt him without his consent at lease.
TheGirlOfMidnight TheGirlOfMidnight Jan 24, 2016
??? Tea Tristan and Bakura?! Aren't their names Anzu Honda and Bakura
JadePixie6565 JadePixie6565 Dec 20, 2015
OMG!!!! Yami and Yugi are so cute. Especially little Yugi. Keep it up