My Alpha

My Alpha

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Love is a desire that every creature yearns for. Any living breath flesh has the urge to connect with a soul only made for them. A soul that only craves the companionship of an another lost soul. 

That's all I ever wanted for a mate. I wanted to feel that connection of two lost souls becoming one strong found soul. I had dreams, goals....expectations of the romantic gentlemen that was going to lift me from the hell hole that only he can rescue me from. I expected a gentle kind soul that breathes in positivity and spirituality, someone who I can confide too and learn to love with. Someone who I want to inspire to be.

The moon Goddess had other plans for me....completely different plans.

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InMoonTalismangirl InMoonTalismangirl May 06, 2016
Womanizer ah ah ah, its just-just what you are-are-are . Oh your a womanizer baby!        --Britney Spears
InMoonTalismangirl InMoonTalismangirl May 06, 2016
                              ......SOMEONE FINALLY SAYS IT. THANK YOU.
ThisIsSparta121 ThisIsSparta121 Feb 01, 2016
all o the people in the storys have dogs for pets and im over here with a pet tortoise ( her name is boots i got he when i was 4    she is like a turtle that doesnt live in water) that ive had for 11 years and is extremely important to me lmao...
InMoonTalismangirl InMoonTalismangirl May 06, 2016
I thought she was talking about a guy at first... I was like...whaaat?! Let me read that again..
Emipepe Emipepe May 24, 2015
it is kinda sad especially when i think she might not like it in his pack
Emipepe Emipepe May 24, 2015
i like this book, it has potential. And I like the idea that alphas can sense a wolf leaving the territory