My Alpha

My Alpha

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CHIXAAA_ By CHIXAAA_ Updated 6 days ago

Every werewolf wants a soulmate. A person who loves you and honors you and treats you with such respect and care that life will be like a fairytale. I see everyone's mate around me and I can only wish my mate will be a kind gentleman who is patient and loving like everyone else.

I didn't know what to do when I found out my mate was the Alpha of the most ruthless and biggest pack in the US. How am I suppose to be with someone who has a reputation of killing innocent people. Alpha Gabriel were the monsters that people would tell stories about on Halloween to scare the children!

But he is the only one who can love me.
Maybe I was wrong about him....or maybe he's the demon everyone claims him to be.
Only time will tell.

Womanizer ah ah ah, its just-just what you are-are-are . Oh your a womanizer baby!        --Britney Spears
                              ......SOMEONE FINALLY SAYS IT. THANK YOU.
all o the people in the storys have dogs for pets and im over here with a pet tortoise ( her name is boots i got he when i was 4    she is like a turtle that doesnt live in water) that ive had for 11 years and is extremely important to me lmao...
I thought she was talking about a guy at first... I was like...whaaat?! Let me read that again..
Emipepe Emipepe May 24, 2015
it is kinda sad especially when i think she might not like it in his pack
Emipepe Emipepe May 24, 2015
i like this book, it has potential. And I like the idea that alphas can sense a wolf leaving the territory