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Hey, Cool Kid! - DaveJohn

Hey, Cool Kid! - DaveJohn

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pastelvibe By pastelvibe Updated Jan 01

You're just an ordinary, if slightly geeky, boy at your school. Basically everyone just ignores you; no need to talk to someone so unimportant, right? 
But when the coolest guy in school takes a "liking" to you, you notice everything starting to change, including... your sexuality?!

WARNING: THERE WILL BE LOTS OF SMUT! I'm a descriptive writer, so there will most likely be a few chapters of smut (at least). It's also turning into a DD/LB fic, so sorry if you don't like that!!

xXDeathByCakeXx xXDeathByCakeXx Mar 20, 2016
"John, you need to wake up!"
                              *John groans*
                              *Dad shoves cake in John's face*
                              "I HAVE EIGHT MORE OF THESE I SWEAR IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP-"
Anime2005 Anime2005 Jul 16, 2016
My mom but then I realize I actually fell asleep on the way to the door
candydjh candydjh Feb 16
the last johndave fic i read about Washington kanaya, aradia, dirk, jake, bro & John (almost) died don't
DaddiShiro DaddiShiro Jan 15
All I imagine is the narrater saying it in his enthusiastic voice from the "Let's read homestuck" playlist XD
KittenSneezes1134 KittenSneezes1134 Oct 03, 2016
I don't really get johndave. It's kinda cute but in reality Johns not gay. He hasn't shown any open attraction to males(except for nic cage but everyones gay for nic) but has shown open attraction to females. So it's a cute ship but really mischaracterized john.
XionShadow XionShadow Dec 02, 2016
You, me, Karkat, Eridan, Sollux(dude it might as well be), Cloud, and Sora as well. We all hope it doesn't straggle use as we sleep at night.