Don't touch me {Larry Mpreg} (Short Story)

Don't touch me {Larry Mpreg} (Short Story)

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This is a 10 chapter short story. 
Louis life was normal. There was a routine. 
Until someone used his body in a way Louis never wanted. 

Louis tried to hold himself together. 

How long can he keep duct taping his heart back together before the tape runs out? 
How many times can Louis say 'Don't touch me' before someone catches on? 

How many times does Louis have to tell Harry 'No' before he finally says 'yes'. 

When Louis becomes pregnant? 

This is a shit intro but hey, i hate intro's anyway XD

Private Chapters: 2 (More to be added i'm sure)
Cover made by the awesome: _Sora_
3rd place in the 'popular larry' category of the bromance awards summer 2015

There was a kid in my class that asked if cheese was a vegetable
txlkmedxwn txlkmedxwn Nov 23
but it's alright and i understand bc i flirt with everyone oops
Thought it said --28 and I was like, same bro, im fuçKING FREEZING
I swear that I've read this one but there are no votes on the first few chapters so I'm going to add it and re read it anyway
txlkmedxwn txlkmedxwn Nov 23
yes, with all the skin on his body covered except his face, he is begging for it.
Hahaha I was like 28 DEGREES THAT'S FKING HOT
                              But I count w celcius...