Filthy Rejection | o.v

Filthy Rejection | o.v

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Acacia Everdeen is always bullied,treated like a nobody. Her only hope was her mate to change her life. But hope is destroyed when she finds out that her Mate whom is also an Alpha rejected her. What happens when she returns with a new everything? Most importantly,what is her true identity? 

{Contains cursing, typing errors, A LOT of grammatical mistakes and rated PG13 }

Disclaimer ; Very poorly written

#34 in Werewolf {2.06.15}

chkcbh chkcbh Aug 25
your face will be scratched if you touch her. wait no, how about a knuckle head sandwich with a side of karate chop and bye bye twinky
Your reputation of being fake? Or the one you don't have at all?
my mom never do that instead she gave me a lot of thing until 
                              I'm overweight. Thanks mom.
😜Don't care grammatical errors or not still gonna read and find the potential in this unique story, and nothin gonna stop me muwuwhahaa 'cracks neck and knuckles' so ahem lets begin reads first few lines.
I have read a book before yours where the author said on the first page do not read my book the author was PC. Cast.
Abahav Abahav Mar 14
My best friend is an emo! God I hate bitches like that don't you?!