Troublemaker ∆ E.D

Troublemaker ∆ E.D

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jordyn By littlelukeyy Updated Dec 11, 2016

Two teenagers and a whole world to explore. 

No parents, no school, and practically no rules. What's the worst that could possibly happen?


"Fuck you, Ethan."

"I know you want to."


tylerinavessel tylerinavessel May 21, 2016
my dad: if your friends jumped off a cliff would you?
                              me: lol i'd be the first one to do so
sadpal sadpal Feb 21, 2016
*sings* I ask myself what am I doing here wohhhohhhhh hereee
the_ark_bellarke the_ark_bellarke Jun 18, 2016
But didn't they need good grades to be chosen? So they get detentions and have good grades um ????
mandywatson7 mandywatson7 Oct 08, 2016
My mom would be like you have no friends and take the cigarettes and back hand me
proud_dolan proud_dolan Apr 28, 2016
Oh my god that's exactly what I said before the comment even loaded ^^
tylerinavessel tylerinavessel May 21, 2016
apparently she's been there a lot of she knows that he got a new table