A Teddy Of Love (Werewolf|BXB) SLOW UPDATE

A Teddy Of Love (Werewolf|BXB) SLOW UPDATE

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YasmineFernandez9984 By YasmineFernandez9984 Updated Jun 06, 2015

Alex Turner is a stuffed Teddy bear. Yep you've read that right, he's a teddy bear. Alex is known for his beautiful figure and features, he normally mistaken as a young women. After the death of his father, Alex's mother went into a deep depression. Sleeping with random men here and there, they all weren't always attracted to his mother but they try to seduce Alex himself. 

His mother accuse Alex for snatching her men away saying he's a sl*t or a worthless wh*re. So she did one cruel thing that any mother should never do. She cursed Alex and turning him into a stuffed kids teddy bear. No one will see his beautiful nor he'll speak to anyone and that Alex will forever be a teddy bear. 

Or so she thinks ....


 Tucker Jones is werewolf and Alpha of BlackForest Pack. He's considered the big bad wolf, reason being, he has the worlds shortest tempter. He snaps easily and doesn't take crap from no one. He's mateless but he doesn't care, all he care's about is ruling his pack in peace. 

After a night stroll in the woods, Tucker notice something following. Not someone, something and it made his wolf cringe. Looking around noticing a Teddy Bear sitting next to a tree alone. He was confused and unware why there's a teddy bear in the woods. Tucker felt a strange tingle form around his stomach which made his wolf purr. 

So he took the bear home. He thought it was stupid him carrying a stuffed bear around the house, he looked like a fool. The next day he was confronted with a naked young male who looks like in his early twenties who is in his bed naked. He recall placing the Teddy Bear next to him. 

Let just say he reacted in a way that made his mate cry .. yep the Teddy Bear is his mate. 

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This novel contains cutiness overload .. prepare to awww!

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tanathosakai tanathosakai Jul 30, 2016
Omh!!!! After all I've read this is amazing! So fresh!!! and looks good Im just star but Im excited about this novel  plase go on !
RavensGurl RavensGurl Dec 01, 2016
Omg oh no I need to prep for the cuteness overload. (Puts on a helmet and war paint on) OK let's do this.
JonesyBusiness JonesyBusiness Oct 06, 2015
This is such a new thing for me! Not just another wolf! But a person turned to a teddy bear by his unworthy mother, whom turns back to himself when his mate finds him! How freaking awesome is that! I love different!
- - Aug 08, 2015
I believe you.. Finished reading the one about the guinea pig and I was squealing more then the guinea pigs were :3 Love your cute stories.. And we'll all your stories come to think about it.
OxpurpletearsxO OxpurpletearsxO Jul 15, 2015
like i read the description and it was an instant like
                              i have high hopes about this esp since i felt like rolling over and die laughing
TheStoryHunter TheStoryHunter Feb 02, 2015
this is soo cute I want to read it please start this story soooon!!