Karasuno's Secret (Tsukishima x Reader)

Karasuno's Secret (Tsukishima x Reader)

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haru By tianharu Updated Apr 09, 2015

You absolutely love volleyball and want to continue your favorite sport in high school but there are no schools with a good enough girl team. Karasuno High School has a great volleyball club, and everyone knows it, so you decide to join their team—as a boy.


Cover Picture: waya-wayaya on Tumblr

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if this was real I would be jumping around in my room as if bts just released a new song or something
Quoteie Quoteie Apr 26
I'd still look like a girl. I have hips and that junk e.e I'd just look like a flat chested girl with boy hair.
omg we made it fam we made it *wipes tears while nodding head*
I would be screaming and squealing with happiness on the inside doe
Little girl shut up can't you see he's trying to focus on his Evanescence music "WAKE ME UP! (WAKE ME UP INSIDE)-"
Honey pls don't do that, it's dangerous, you could seriously hurt yourself (also same I'm part of that No-Titty-Committee, you could probs hold the whole of my boob in one hand tbh)