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Reading Percy Jackson with the Olympians

Reading Percy Jackson with the Olympians

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Hanging Around By mistressofnight24 Updated Oct 26, 2016

The demi-gods are sent to the past to read books with the gods of olympus.

Don't get your lightning print knickers in a twist drama queen
You say you are a wonderful mother, but you basically ripped Annabeth's heart out when you took Percy from her.
Ocean_Owl Ocean_Owl Jan 04
I may have read 'The Gods of Olympue were arguing with a bunch of babies.' ...0ops
AshlynnHatter1459 AshlynnHatter1459 6 days ago
Yes!!! I'm not the only one that says Hi when there is awkward silence or they're in an awkward situation or everyone is staring at them!!!
DaryaDogLover11 DaryaDogLover11 Sep 19, 2016
Can we agree that Thalia and Annabeth would scare everyone please?
Oh my gods Nico! Ugh, are all boys as idiotic and infuriating as Nico?!