forever? forever | jjk

forever? forever | jjk

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❝Maybe forever doesnt last forever after all,❞

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Phzynx Phzynx Dec 05, 2016
Yeah I also like it when my savaged crush and his friend kicked my ass.
                              It makes my heart warm.  -_____-
zendaya556 zendaya556 Nov 14, 2016
If that happened to me, I'd be on the news cause my mother murdered me
Phzynx Phzynx Dec 05, 2016
Is this how they came up with BTS? They came Back To School?
tinypotatoz74 tinypotatoz74 Nov 26, 2016
I'm not that type of fan. I'll be the one trying to slap anyone who talks crap about who Kookie's with
Phzynx Phzynx Dec 05, 2016
If Jungkook was going to my school (If he was 11,12,13,14) I'd be playin 'Run' and runnin to school like sanic
Phzynx Phzynx Dec 05, 2016
*Carries machine gun*
                              They said ARMY.....Isn't that what army's carry...