Wildest Dreams (h.s. au)

Wildest Dreams (h.s. au)

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" When a man falls in love with a woman, she becomes his weakness. When a woman falls in love with a man, he becomes her strength. "

A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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                              <)   )╯OMFG THIS IS HARRY, I 
                               /   \ THOUGHT THAT IT WAS THE GIRLS POV 😂
I thought that it was the girl in the story until I read I'm a twenty year old man.
MY ZARRY HEART 😍😘💕💔💁💅🙋👯👌✌🙌👏💦🔥👅👀😻😽😭😅
I know that's a picture and not a gif but I swear it just fúcking moved
blazingdreamz blazingdreamz Sep 08, 2015
well if you take away beautiful and can deal with slightly annoying yet shy then come over here lmao
hannahsawyer hannahsawyer Nov 20, 2014
LOVE! Omfg I LOVE this story. I love YOU. Can we just get married already?