Love and Lust (BoyxBoy)

Love and Lust (BoyxBoy)

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Scarlet Fox By RainbowKitsune7 Completed

[Sequel to Innocence] One would think that the life of a Prince of Hell would be easy. Sure, it might have been - once - but now that Asmara has a feisty angel to deal with, things have gotten a little out of control. Even if his reactions to Asmara's advances are cute, the lust demon is beginning to grow annoyed with constant rejection.

Alongside other complications such as the devil's temper tantrums, Asmara's main focus is to get Adiel to at least tolerate him; but his usual approach to relationships might not work when it comes to seducing an angel.

[WARNING: Contains explicit content]

  • angels
  • boyxboy
  • demons
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • love
  • sin
PaigeNight PaigeNight May 30, 2015
Me: *Hi,Lulu*
                              Lucifer:*crosses the room and grabs me by the collar*
                              Me:*Pile of ash*
                              I was just going to ask if he wanted some Skittles!
SoulPhenomenon SoulPhenomenon Apr 17, 2015
Man... Idek anymore, I now see the seven sins as not ruthless and Lucifer as Lulu and not the blood thirsty evil dude.
                              You dud good, now I'll bee cooing at all the overlords in the afterlife c':
SoulPhenomenon SoulPhenomenon Apr 16, 2015
Me: *calls Lucifer Lulu*
                              Lucifer: *backhands insolent black girl into two eons in the future*
WildXbutXCute WildXbutXCute Nov 22, 2014
*Fans self* I'm guessing there's gonna be a lot of these scenes.
                              Bring it on. >:)
WildXbutXCute WildXbutXCute Nov 22, 2014
Haha of course this book has to begin with an 0rgy ^-^ And that fairy sounds so cute, but what happened to him? :(