A Detrimental Bad boy and the Lost Teenage Girl (COMPLETED :: EDITING)

A Detrimental Bad boy and the Lost Teenage Girl (COMPLETED :: EDITING)

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•this story was written ages ago, I know it's not perfect so do not comment telling me. I understand• 
** chapters 37 - 52 say his name is braiden , but i decided i wanted his name to be hunter so i will edit it at some point but his name might be braiden or hunter so dont be alarmed when seeing that **

Hunter Daniels :: 
Hunter is your typical high school Bad boy. He has light brown hair that is either across his forehead or in a quiff. He has hazel eyes. He's very tall, 5'8 to be exact. He's a player, and very handsome, but a total, asshole.

Alexandria Smith ::
She is your typical bad ass. She has brown eyes. She also has brown hair down to her middle back. She has braces. She is very nice and caring, to her friends. But has a bad attitude. She is 5ft and skinny. 

These two meet, and all hell breaks loose. Read how Alex and Hunter, deal with all the problems. Read to find out, if they end up getting along, or, having fights break out everytime they see each other. Hope you enjoy.

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