Kyle's Revenge

Kyle's Revenge

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Alex Taylor is your normal teenage werewolf. Well besides the fact that she has alpha blood in her. Her brother Asher was named the alpha a couple months ago and has already found his mate. Alex on the other hand hasn't. She's turning 17 in a couple of days which means that she can find her mate anytime now.

But what happens when her mates turns out to be the alpha of a new pack that just moved next door? Will things get heated? Especially when Alex already has a boyfriend. And the fact that Tyler's pack wants to avenge his death and get revenge on Skylar. And the only way to do that is too go after one thing. Her daughter. 

Read to find out.

(This is the second book. The first book is called The One And Only Alpha. You gotta read the first book to fully understand what's going on.)

P.S. There will be slow updates because we are getting into finals week for college. But I will try to update as much as I can. Thank you.

calmwolf calmwolf Feb 04, 2016
It's shorter then ur normal chapters but it's as awesome as ever
kylaholder200213 kylaholder200213 Dec 25, 2016
flowergirl1220 flowergirl1220 Dec 09, 2016
D- ugh hold on...Dasaaasaaas... no that's not right either... Dissssssaaaaateaasart UGH nope
I thought it said me. Slow and I was like well that's ironic , but then realized it said low, and that right there kids is how dreams are ruined
dropsofargent dropsofargent Dec 09, 2016
? literally last chapter or prologue or whatever the dad was like "if any boys even look at her kick their ass" and she had a bf?
chector53 chector53 Nov 01, 2016
Typical family so far, first day of school  high school. is he a Senior and her a Sophmore?